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Freshest Coffee, Best Price

When you order coffee for your small business from Steep & Brew we promise you will receive the freshest roasted coffee possible.

How Can We Make That Promise?

We roast all of the Great Coffee For Work orders received by Wednesday noon* on Thursday morning. The coffee is then packages and shipped on Friday.

When you skip the middleman (office coffee services) you are ensured the freshest coffee at your office. Most office coffee services buy their coffee in bulk to save money, but you get old coffee. Steep & Brew puts the extra money back in your pocket while getting the freshest coffee in your cup. Our coffee costs about $.17 per 8 oz. serving, while brewing up enough coffee for everyone to enjoy in a 64oz pot.

We also package it in easy to use packets already ground. No guessing on amount or grind. We take the work out of your coffee experience. We grind the coffee just right and package it into easy-open packets. Experience fresh coffee at work. Experience Steep & Brew - Coffee Done Right!

*Coffee orders received after Wednesday noon will be roasted and packaged the following week on Thursday.

No Contracts

We understand that every office is diverse and has different needs. Keeping that in mind we skip the contracts! You order as often as you need, how ever much you need. Place your order once a week, every other week, or once a month. You are in control and you know best what your coffee drinking needs are at your office, not us.

Plus no contract means you can change coffee varieties and flavors to suit your office's cravings whenever you want. You are not obligated to order the same coffee every time if you don't want to. Find and reorder a favorite that everyone loves, or order a new variety every time to keep thing lively at the office. We want you to enjoy your coffee experience with us and no contracts gives you the freedom to do just that. And we offer ten flavors/roasts to choose from. The only requirement we have is a minimum per order of one case. That's it! Each case has five 8-pack trays per case, and each tray can be a different coffee if desired!


We don't believe in offering you only medium/dark roast & decaf as your coffee choices. We love coffee and all its varieties so we offer you 10 different kinds of coffees.

Great Coffee For Work has a minimum order of 1 case per order. Each case has 5 eight-pack trays per case, and you can choose up to 5 different coffees for each case. You can keep it simple with just one coffee choice per case, or create a variety pack of five different roasts.

One Low Flat-Rate for Shipping!

You are at work, there is no reason to make you do more work when you place your coffee order with Steep & Brew's Great Coffee For Work. No guess work here or doing math about weight and distance for your shipping fee. Placing your order will always be simple when it comes to the shipping fee.

Are you ordering one case to ship to Florida or California? $5.50 in shipping. In northern Wisconsin and need 3 cases? $5.50 in shipping. We also offer warehouse pick-up for our local business. If your office is here in Madison, WI and you want to skip the shipping you can simple pick up your order Friday afternoon at our roasting facility. No handling fees are applied!

You don't need to sweat the coffee order when you are ordering with Steep & Brew's Great Coffee For Work.

When Will My Coffee Order Ship?

Great Coffee for Work orders placed Thursday through Wednesday noon are produced on the very next Thursday, and shipped that Friday. So if you placed on order on Wednesday morning, it will be roasted the next day, and ship the day after that. It can't get any fresher than that!

However, since we roast all of our Great Coffee For Work orders on Thursday, orders placed after noon on a Wednesday will not roast until Thursday of the following week.